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I am a painter of contemporary landscape. In our mixed-up world the divisions between urban and rural are not always easy to see. The tendrils of the city reach ever outwards via motorways and industrial estates, pylons and litter. But in turn the countryside reaches in; via urban farms, allotments, guerrilla gardening, and re-wilding.

Highway Botany is a study of the wild flowers that grow alongside Britain’s roads. The charity Plantlife says ‘rural road verges are a vital refuge for wild flowers driven out of our farmland’ which I can attest to in my research along the A-roads and roundabouts of Sussex. I have more than once spotted orchids in a lay-by, and seen in abundance on driving home the very flowers I looked for in vain on a hike in the hills. I paint with oils directly on to old aluminium road signs. The metal surface suits my painting technique perfectly, plus there is a beautiful sweetness in reusing such utilitarian objects for a very different purpose.

I am Artist in Residence for Wadhurst Park Estate during 2019.

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